Forged aluminium wheels - made by OTTO FUCHS - combine visible beauty and invisible safety.

The superior properties of forged alloy wheels as compared to cast ones result from the applied material.

The OTTO FUCHS forging material, a forging alloy with at least 95% aluminium, is far superior to any cast material with respect to strength and ductility. Reduced wall-thickness and weight reduction are the result of the combination of best materials and most modern manufacturing and simulation techniques. Not least: In extreme driving situations the forged aluminium wheels offer greater safety margins than cast wheels.



    Fuchsfelge USA – Your Trusted and North American Exclusive Dealer of Genuine Forged Wheels

    Fuchsfelge USA redefines performance and style with our impressive line of genuine forged aluminum Fuchs wheels. We offer the original Fuchs wheels for your Porsche, made in Germany by Otto Fuchs.

    Superior Craftsmanship and Wheel Quality

    When it comes to legend, craftsmanship and wheel quality, no other wheel comes close to the Fuchsfelge Wheels. As an exclusive and premier Fuchs dealer, we take pride in producing iconic designs for classic and current Porsche models. We follow a stringent forging process to combine alloys that can provide better ductility and strength compared to cast wheels. We also use the best materials, cutting-edge technology, and simulation techniques to produce high-grade wheels for different models, from the vintage 911 to the 991 Porsche.

    Sophisticated Styling for Enhanced Aesthetics

    We treat every product as a masterpiece. Our wheels are polished to perfection to create a sleek, corrosive-resistant surface, which is quintessential of Porsche models. We also provide sophisticated styling to enhance the overall aesthetics of standard models.

    Our dealership leaves you with endless options for your forged alloy wheels. Feel free to contact us for more suggestions or information about our products.